I skipped last month because I only had one book read. This month I have two total so WATCH OUT WORLD.

Linking up with Steph and Jana today for some book talk! #ShowUsYourBooks

The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett | Mystery | ★★★/5
I’ve never seen this film, but I still “saw” this entire novel play out in my head in black and white. I don’t know what compelled me to pick this one up, but I enjoy a classic mystery. It was ok. Honestly, there were no likable characters, haha. But I think they’re all supposed to be a little seedy. Murder, theft, lies, double-crossing… All the things that made the 20s/30s what they were. Lol

One and Only: The Freedom of… by Lauren Sandler | Nonfiction | ★★★★/5
I don’t read a lot of nonfiction, but the podcast I occasionally listen to recommended this book (& then interviewed the author). It was most definitely informative, but it’s written by an only child who has an only child… so I wouldn’t call it objective. That said, I learned a lot and I was able to use facts and take time to reflect upon my own feelings. If you’re on the fence about children or the number of children you’d like, this is a good book to add to your shelf.

Moo Reads!

Moo asked me to share some of her recent favorites, too.

Babies on the Farm by Ginger Swift
M is starting to recognize and care about the sounds animals make- especially farm animals. This book is very cute & follows the cutest little baby goats.

Disney Baby My ABCs by Walt Disney Co.
I love that each letter/flap works independently so M can pick which ones to lift and we don’t have to go in order. (I think when you learn letters in order you run the risk of HAVING to say them in order.) I dislike that the crocodile is associated with the C on the cover but he’s NOT the character for the C inside. Small complaint, but it gets me every time.

Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney
I know this is a beloved book by many (and probably hated by many, too, lol). We got it from Dolly Parton’s program. I love this story. I love the rhyming and the fact that mama llama lays down the law and tells little llama to cool it. Haha.

I’m in the middle of two other books and patiently waiting for my library to give me a long-awaited one… so maybe next month I’ll have two more books. Or THREE if I’m feeling crazy.

18 thoughts on “What I Read…

  1. I’ve never seen THE Maltese Falcon either.

    I always wanted 2 or 3 kids but at this point I’d be overjoyed to stay pregnant long enough for just one baby to make it out alive!

    I love it when you share Moo’sMoo’s reads. Baby goats! Awww!


    1. It was on TV the other day and I started to watch it but I realized I didn’t love the book enough to want to watch the movie- haha!
      ❤ I'm very grateful for one and I'm sending you all the vibes to grow your perfect little family to whatever number you desire!


  2. hmmm never heard of the maltese falcon, oops.
    the only child one sounds interesting – laughed at you saying it’s not objective. i’ve always wanted more than one but…. well. We shall see. Would be happy with any one day.


    1. I’d heard of it as a movie with Humphery Bogart, but I didn’t think anything about the book until it crossed my path. It was fine. Ha.
      I wasn’t in the one-kid-camp until after we had M. And feeling how I do, I found this book to be very informative and reassuring. But if someone had one and was leaning toward more, they might read it differently.


  3. I have very strong opinions on the only child thing and the absolute guilt placed on women for, well, everything, but specifically the number of children they have. Four might be more, but it doesn’t make you a better mom.

    I love M’s reads because they help me with what to get for my niece.


    1. As M grows up and society puts the pressure on us to “give her a sibling”, I presume my opinion will grow stronger (and less patient), too. Right now I just know that three is a great number for our family and our lifestyle- and there are many many benefits to remaining a family of three. I like that- Four may be more, but it doesn’t make you a better mom. Or more of a mom… *shrug*
      I’m glad! I only share the ones she picks up over and over 🙂


  4. The One and Only sounds interesting since Zoe is an only child. Might have to jump on that. I always crap the bed on linking up Zoe’s books. We read daily with her and I need to do better.


    1. We’re pretty deadset on M being an only, but reading this book was helpful as far as dispelling some of the negative stereotypes, etc. that go along with only children. And it shared many benefits to being a singleton, as well.
      I’d be interested in them! M loves reading 🙂


    1. Agreeeed! It irritates me. Lol
      That’s an interesting college read. You’re the first person to say you’ve read it! It is pretty forgettable… ha.


  5. I read two books this month too, which is 200% more than any other month since 2014 hahaha. The only child book sounds so interesting!!!! Some of my favorite people in this world have only kid/are an only child, so I would love to read what the writers had to say. I wonder if anyone truly has 100% peace about whatever number of kids they decide on. We’re definitely not having any more, but part of me is sad that the baby stage/birth announcement excitement is over!


    1. Way to go, you!! Some months I read 0 and some months I read 5 (…rarely, lol). I was happy to check these two off my list.
      I think you’re probably right. As moms/parents, we question our decision on family size all the time. I love my brother and I love having one, so that’s a little bit of a sting when it comes to our current decision. But I know there are plenty of benefits (and drawbacks) to all family sizes!


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