Book Day! Linking up with Steph and Jana for the best day of the month!

This month I knocked out three books 📚

Loch Down Abbey by Beth Cowan-Erskine | Mystery | ★★★★/4
This felt like a Downton Abbey knockoff mystery. It was ok and I gave it four stars on Goodreads, but now that I’m writing about it I realize how forgettable it was. I solved one mystery pretty early on. I hated one of the resolutions. Most of the people were terrible humans. But I breezed through it and it held my interest the entire time- honestly can’t ask for much more.

Coldhearted Boss by R.S. Grey | Romance | ★★/5
Nope. Didn’t like it. Usually I’m a big fan of Grey’s steamy romances, especially the enemies to lovers. This one was weird. The dude was vindictive and cruel… until he suddenly wasn’t. And the girl was like, “I hate you… and maybe love you… but hate you. Oh- you love me? Ok, I love you.” Yeahhh… not my cup of steamy tea, thanks. Very unbelievable and, honestly, unhealthy in my opinion.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid | Fiction (Historical?) | ★★★★★/5
Another gem from TJR. I know some people weren’t into it, but I loved this one. I loved the siblings and June. I loved how it flowed and I was hooked all the way through. I didn’t like Daisy Jones because of the era but this 80s surfer vibe was perfect for summer. I was into it from start to finish. And I loved the ending. A beautiful journey for each Riva sibling. (Mick can eat glass TBH.)

I’ve read nothing from Erin’s Book Challenge yet.

What did you read this month?

Life According to Steph

18 thoughts on “What I Read…

    1. Still enjoyable 🙂 If it sounds good to you, I say go for it!
      LOL! M has been a tornado lately- she hasn’t sat down long enough to read anything new! I will have some M’s Reads next month 😊❤️


  1. I frequently give a book many stars then forget about it. As long as I enjoyed it in the reading moment, I’m good with it!


  2. Ewww… that Grey book… that just sounds gross. I dont like characters like that.
    & you liked Malibu Rising – I think its the first review that has it positive… Glad you enjoyed it. I liked it till the half way mark – LOL


    1. Yeah. I’m in the minority, though. It seems like a lot of people on GR loved it. Maybe it was a me-thing?
      I did enjoy Malibu Rising! I was the odd one out there, too. LOL


  3. I really am hearing so many mixed reviews about Malibu Rising; guess I’ll just have to check it out for myself!


    1. I loved June, but I loved Nina, too. I think Nina’s behavior was learned and engrained. I don’t blame her for her helplessness. I LOVED Kit, too!


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