What I Read…

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

But seriously. Back to the books. It was a slow two months of reading. I just wasn’t feeling it, plus I was watching season 3 of High Seas on Netflix (which you should be watching, too!) Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Looking for Lovely: Collecting the Moments that Matter by Annie F. Downs | Christian Nonfiction | ★★★★/5
I don’t have tons of experience with Annie, but she cohosted Lauren Akin’s Live in Love podcast and seemed very down-to-earth. I think this collection of stories is further proof of that. She’s honest and open and likable. And I couldn’t find a single thing wrong with the book, so I gave it 5 stars.
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The Book of Essie by Meghan MacLean Weir | Contemporary Fiction | ★★★★/5
This family drama grabbed me and did not let me go. I’ve never watched 16 Kids and Counting (or whatever number they’re on), but it gave me those kinds of vibes. It’s a book of redemption and breaking free and growing up and trying to be true to one’s self. Definitely some messed up situations and big triggers, though.
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Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng | Contemporary Fiction | ★★★★/5
Until I was 40 or 50% into this one, I was positive it’d end up being a DNF or maybe 2 stars. But the slow moving, sometimes boring parts, were critical in building the characters. It’s such a strong book about motherhood- who is qualified? what makes someone qualified? are there second chances? how far will a woman go to be (or not be) a mother? what will she do to protect and keep her child? Every mom has a motive and every mom approaches it differently in this story. It goes deeper than I gave it credit for. LOTS of triggers surrounding parenthood/loss/etc.
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Book Challenge by Erin 17.0 – Month 3 Check In

| 5 points | Freebie: The Paris Apartment (Foley)
| 10 points | A book that you predict will bring you joy and happiness: Looking for Lovely (Downs)
| 10 points | Set in Canada: Anne of Green Gables (Montgomery)
| 15 points | By an author of a different race: The Office of Historical Corrections(Danielle Evans)
| 20 points | A flower in the title or a on the cover: Island Affair (Priscilla Oliveras)
| 20 points | A book with book/books/bookstore/bookshop/library in the title: Book Lovers (Henry)
| 25 points | Published in year of significant event (2019/M was born): Red, White, & Royal Blue (McQuiston)
| 30 points | “Staff recommendations” shelf: The Book Thief (Zusak)
| 30 points | Includes a trip or a vacation/holiday: One Italian Summer (Serle)
| 35 points | A book a with earth, air, fire, water or space in title: Little Fires Everywhere (Ng)

Currently at 75 points.

What did you read in August & September?


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