Movies & Television

2019 Movies I’m Excited About!

When I started 2018 off with a list of movies I wanted to see, I had mild success. I don't feel quite as passionately about 2019 releases, but I put together a list that looks pretty good. If I don't get to these, it'll be just fine. Before we kick this off, here are a… Continue reading 2019 Movies I’m Excited About!


What I Read…

The first Show Us Your Books link-up of 2019! In the past I've made big changes to my reading reviews at the start of the year. I'm making some minor adjustments for 2019, but I'm going to stick with my typically breakdown. I'll share the title & author (the title is linked to GoodReads), my… Continue reading What I Read…

Holidays & Celebrations!

Happy New Year!

Every year I try to reflect on major moments and special memories. I do it a little differently each year. Usually there are pictures and paragraphs involved. I'm a creature of habit so... Looking back, this year was predominately good for us. We were so busy with trips and parties and home improvements. We went… Continue reading Happy New Year!