Hi ya! What a blog title, right? At the end of 2017 Alexandra from Simply Alexandra suggested we go in together on some kind of blog collaboration. I love Alexandra & her blog so I was 100% up for that. After brainstorming things we both love (which were endless, honestly), we settled on books/entertainment and 1900 eras.

the roaring blog collab

So here’s what we’re up to. On the first Tuesday of the month, February through November, we’re going to highlight books & films from/about specific eras that we recommend! (Television shows, too, sometimes!) There’s no commitment or link-up during those months on your end, but in December we will be hosting a recap/link-up for the entire year.

Essentially Alexandra and I are flooding our blogs with recommendations 🙂

So before we kick this off, here’s a super short Q&A just to introduce (or reintroduce) Alexandra & I!

What would readers typically find on your blog?
Alexandra: As a lifestyle blogger… anything is fair game! You can expect to see a lot of goal-setting, book review, and travel related posts… as well as posts about things I’ve been up to with KC and our mischievous kittens.
Audrey: Everything. I write about books and movies, my dogs and my life (like owning a house, being married, all that riveting stuff), a few travel posts or trip recaps. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a feisty political rant.

Have you always loved history or historical fiction?
Alexandra: Oh gosh yes. Do you remember The American Girl books? Or The Royal Diaries series? I was all about those. I read every. Single. American Girl book just so I could get a Felicity doll for my 10th birthday. BEST DAY EVER! I’ve always loved historical fiction and period dramas. 🙂
Audrey: Always. I love that history is a long, true, dramatic, romantic, adventurous story. I’m with Alexandra- I had the American Girl Dolls and read the books, too. (And Felicity was my fav!!) I think that history is fascinating and foretelling. I wanted to study it in college, but I didn’t want to teach so I chose a different major.

Which era is your favorite?
Alexandra: Oh gosh, this is tough. I love so many of them for so many different reasons. I think that I have to choose the 1930’s though. I find that a lot of my favorite time periods (or stories from them!) have to do with really really hard times, and strong people who made it through them!
Audrey: I enjoy the fashion and movies and cars from the 1940s and 1950s. Some of my favorite music comes from the 40s. I likes films from the 60s, too. If I had to pick one, though, it’d be the 1940s.

Which era is your least favorite?
Alexandra: The 80’s I think. There are just not as many things I can appreciate that came out of the ‘80’s. I don’t love the music, movies, etc. (Obviously this does NOT include the people born then!)
Audrey: Honestly, I dislike how certain things define eras…I don’t like anything Gatsby or poodle skirts or Woodstock-y or neon/leggings. Do you know what I mean? But to answer the question, I dislike the 70s.

Check back on February 6th for our first round of recommendations! We’re setting our sights on the 1910s for February!

30 thoughts on “The Roaring Swinging Fabulous Groovy Blog Collaboration

  1. This sounds like such a great collaboration for you guys to do together, especially since y’all like a lot of the same things! Like I told Alexandra, Felicity was my favorite American Girl too! I loved that time period that she lived in, and that she loved horses!


  2. Ahh. 2 of my fav bloggers together. Though I need to talk to her about her not liking the 80s. Whattttttt? Didn’t know that was possible


    1. I had an unhealthy obsession with American Girl Dolls. My grandma bought me a new one every year (I know I was spoiled) and we’d play the game at recess and I loved reading the history books and the modern books AND I used to go to the teas with my mom and friend. Hahahahaha.


  3. Oooh, so fun! I can definitely use some recommendations for the early 1900s. I disagree with Alexandra about the ’80s though. SO MANY GOOD MOVIES/MUSIC! Fashion on the other hand… Haha!


    1. I’m working on the 1910s post and it’s actually pretty tough. Haha. Lots of WWI stuff to work off of, though.
      Poor Alexandra, lol. She came under the gun for naming the 80s as her least favorite. Haha!


  4. Fantastic idea! I know this sounds random but one of my favourite eras was travel writing in the mid to late 1930s – especially around Europe – it depicted the end of an era and the travel writers knew it so really seemed to soak everything they witnessed up into every pore. I have even read books about travels around Bosnia in this period – what a nerd eh! Looking forward to what you come up with! Europafox x


    1. Thanks! I love books set in that era, too. It was just glamorous. All the seaside retreats and gorgeous French hotels. So so fancy. I love reading about it as well- totally not random 😉


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