Books I Want to Read – Summer 2018

This is supposed to be a book review day where I link up with Steph and Jana, and share all my opinions on books. Well, I finished an impress ZERO books since the last Show Us Your Books so I’m flipping the script today.
Before I dive in, HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY to my baby brother! ❀

I did a post like this last year in May and I’m impressed with myself that there were only two books I didn’t end up reading. With my last book challenge ending in April and the next one starting in July, I feel like I have some time to tackle a few of these!

Hopefully what I don’t finish I can squeeze into Erin’s next challenge somewhere.

One Dark Throne //#2 in the Three Dark Crowns series (Kendare Blake)
I finished the first books in the series earlier this year & I’m pretty motivated to read on and find out what happens… I’m avoiding all spoilers so I don’t know what it’s about.

A Court of Thorns & Roses (Sarah J. Maas)
I meant for this to be my next fantasy series, but I got sucked into the TDC series. Whoops. I own the first book in this series and the Throne of Glass series so hopefully I pick one up soon.

After Alice (Gregory Maguire)
You know I love me a good Alice in Wonderland spin-off/retelling. I picked this up from a bookstore a few months ago and put it on the short stack.

The Magnolia Story (Joanna & Chip Gaines)
I know this will be a quick read. I need to set aside a warm afternoon in the sunshine.

One of Us is Lying (Karen M. McManus)
I’ve heard nothing but good reviews with this book. I can’t wait to crack it open!

The Alice Network (Kate Quinn)
I remember hearing this was good. I bought it on a whim months ago.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows)
I feel like everyone loves this book. I think it’ll be a quick read.

Crazy Rich Asians (Kevin Kwan)
This has been on my TBR list for a while and now it’s going to be a movie. Gotta read the book first, though.

The Casual Vacancy (J.K. Rowling)
Can you believe I haven’t read this yet? I’ve tried but I couldn’t get into it. I’ll try again.

I own all these books except ODT, Guernsey, & CRA. I’ve got no excuse to not read the ones in my possession. Lol

What’s on your summer reading list? Have any strong feelings about these books?

I promise I’ll have some reviews for June’s #SUYB post!

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38 thoughts on “Books I Want to Read – Summer 2018

  1. Confuzzled Bev May 8, 2018 / 2:48 am

    YES, read One of Us is Lying!
    I haven’t really planned my summer reading but I definitely need to stop buying books and read the ones that are already sitting on my shelves, so those *should* really be my summer reading. I definitely want to read Murder Most Unladylike soon seeing as I got it for my birthday last year and still haven’t touched it. And of course I am waiting to see what categories Erin’s challenge brings my way.


    • Audrey May 11, 2018 / 2:42 pm

      I’ve only heard great things about that book πŸ™‚ I’m excited to start it soon.
      I have plenty of unread and owned books I should read, too. Trying to knock a few out this summer! I hope they align with Erin’s list!!


  2. Carly May 8, 2018 / 9:16 am

    One of Us is Lying was so good! One Dark Throne isn’t my usual genre but I keep seeing it pop up and it sounds good. I’m waiting on Crazy Rich Asians from the library right now and can’t wait to read it.


    • Audrey May 11, 2018 / 2:44 pm

      I feel like most people have really enjoyed One of Us is Lying and Crazy Rich Asians. I can’t wait to start on those! I looooved Three Dark Crowns but I really enjoy fantasy. It was a good one and I can’t wait to crack into the second book!


  3. Rebecca Jo May 8, 2018 / 9:31 am

    I want to read the Court of Thorns & Roses too – just been waiting for the whole series to be done – It is, isn’t it?
    I just started reading One of us is Lying today – cant wait to dig into it.


    • Audrey May 11, 2018 / 2:46 pm

      I’m not sure if it’s all out yet or not… The first one is sitting on my shelf, though, so I really want to start it soon. Haha.
      I saw you rated One of Us… 4 out of 5!! I didn’t read the review though because I haven’t read any on that book! I’m excited to start it!!


    • Audrey May 11, 2018 / 2:47 pm

      I almost started it as soon as I bought it but I was in the middle of four other books so I shelved it. Picking it up soon, though!!


  4. A Mindful Migration (@MindfulMigrate) May 8, 2018 / 11:37 am

    I’ve heard great things about One of Us is Lying too. In fact, I think I briefly had the book from the library but returned it unread because I didn’t get a chance to read it. Sigh. I also need to read Crazy Rich Asians because I am definitely planning on seeing the movie. I read the Cormoran Strike series she writes under Robert Galbraith but I never read Casual Vacancy. It didn’t appeal to me so it will be interesting to see how you like it.


    • Audrey May 11, 2018 / 2:49 pm

      I’ve tried to read The Casual Vacancy but it was during my big reading slump and I couldn’t get into anything. Hopefully this time will be different. I definitely plan to read Crazy Rich Asians before the film comes out! And I’ve ONLY heard good things about One of Us is Lying!!


  5. Lauren Becker May 8, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    Happy Birthday to your brother!
    I also really want to read One of Us Is Lying – I’ve heard nothing but good things either. I really liked Casual Vacancy, but it’s definitely a literary novel so it can be a slower read.



    • Audrey May 11, 2018 / 3:04 pm

      There are some books I fear I’ll never get through (Pride and Prejudice, Wicked) but I plan on reattempting The Casual Vacancy. I just need to repeat to myself, ‘This is nothing like Harry Potter. This is nothing like Harry Potter.’


  6. Jana @ Jana Says May 8, 2018 / 1:08 pm

    I think you’ll enjoy One of Us Is Lying.

    The only Maguire book I’ve read is Wicked and it was too weird for me. I think I’m not a fan of retellings like that.


    • Audrey May 11, 2018 / 3:36 pm

      When I have high hopes for a book I typically buy it or put it on a wish list- which I did with One of Us is Lying and I got it. It’s been teasing me from the shelf for month.
      I could/can NOT get through Wicked. I’ve tried three times. It’s not that it’s too weird… I don’t know what the issue is. Lol. Hopefully since this is AiW based I’ll be more into it.


  7. Ana May 8, 2018 / 1:17 pm

    Gursney is a great and quick read, I remember reading it in one day.

    I lOVED crazy rich Asians!! I am so ready for the movie!


    • Audrey May 11, 2018 / 3:40 pm

      You’re making me VERY excited to read these two books!! πŸ™‚


  8. kristen May 8, 2018 / 2:36 pm

    i really hope you like the guernsey book. it’s one of my all time favourites. i was waiting for the court books to be finished – i know she’s continued, but i think the first 3 are kind of on their own? so now that they are, and i own all of them in paperback (oops) i’ll be reading them, you know, sometime before 2020. i really liked one of us is lying so i hope you do too!


    • Audrey May 11, 2018 / 4:17 pm

      I think I will like Guernsey πŸ™‚ It sounds like something that’s right up my alley!
      I don’t know much about the Court books but based on their description they’re my kind of book.
      Looking forward to One of Us is Lying!!


  9. Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders May 8, 2018 / 4:08 pm

    This is such a good idea! I feel like I sometimes struggle to figure out what to read next when it’s not during a reading challenge time frame (which is crazy because I have a ton of books to choose from! I’m with you on reading the next book in the Three Dark Crowns series and I want to read ACOTAR as well!


    • Audrey May 14, 2018 / 11:07 am

      I try to have a few books on deck because I honestly never know what mood I’ll be in when I pick up my next book. (I borrowed Guernsey from the library this weekend and read it all by Sunday night- even though I have FIVE other books going on right now. Lol. My book-mood changes constantly!)


  10. thesiberianamerican May 8, 2018 / 4:28 pm

    I LOVED One of Us Is Lying. I got The Alice Network for Christmas. It’ll probably be my next WWII novel. (Either that or Subway Girls)


    • Audrey May 14, 2018 / 11:08 am

      I have so many WWII novels on my plate. I actually read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society over the weekend. I rented The Book Thief when I got Guernsey, and The Alice Network is sitting on my shelf. I’m going to be WWII-out by the end of summer… lol.


    • Audrey May 14, 2018 / 11:09 am

      Thanks!! We had a fun weekend celebrating with him!
      I borrowed Guernsey from the library on Friday and had it done by Sunday night. I LOVED IT.


  11. Carolann May 8, 2018 / 6:50 pm

    I haven’t read The Casual Vacancy either!! I really want to read One of Us is Lying. Right now, I am absorbed in re-reading the Harry Potter series and I am loving it!!


    • Audrey May 14, 2018 / 11:14 am

      I feel like a bad HP fan/Rowling lover since I haven’t read Vacancy, but it’s just SO different that I have to get HP out of my head to enjoy it I think.


  12. Kati Rose May 8, 2018 / 9:03 pm

    I have both Crazy Rich Asians and One of Us is Lying on my library request list. I can’t wait to get them. All of a sudden a few months ago I kept hear from SO many people about the Sarah J Maas series. Maybe I need to look into it…


    • Audrey May 14, 2018 / 11:21 am

      The Sarah J Maas books have been on my TBR list for over a year. And I really want to read them, so I don’t know why I keep putting them off! Lol. I might dive into One of Us is Lying next weekend- even though I’m in the middle of five books right now. Hahahaha.


  13. Heather May 9, 2018 / 7:47 am

    One of us is Lying is on my list for this summer too. I’ve heard good things about The Alice Network too!! I read Crazy Rich Asians in a day – it wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read but it certainly held my attention and was highly entertaining. I hope the movie is good! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Guernsey and can’t wait to see the movie. I waited YEARS to read A Casual Vacancy too because there were such mixed reviews but I read it last year and I actually really liked it more than I expected to! Of course it is absolutely nothing like Harry Potter so I don’t even know why people would compare it – but it was well written and very interesting.


    • Audrey May 14, 2018 / 12:09 pm

      I’m definitely planning to read Crazy Rich Asians before the film- I hope they’re both good. I just started and finished Guernsey this weekend. LOVED. I can’t wait for the film now, too!! I’m excited to start One of Us is Lying.
      I think I needed some space between HP and Vacancy. I hope I get more into it this time.


  14. Akaleistar May 9, 2018 / 5:59 pm

    I couldn’t get into The Casual Vacancy either…


    • Audrey May 14, 2018 / 12:38 pm

      I think I was hoping for something Harry Potter-like when I first got it. Hopefully that’s faded in my head and I like it this time. Lol


  15. StephTheBookworm May 9, 2018 / 8:17 pm

    A few of these are on my list too! I really want to read The Magnolia Story and One of Us is Lying.


    • Audrey May 14, 2018 / 12:38 pm

      Those are both sitting on my shelf. I don’t know why I haven’t cracked them open yet!


  16. simplyalexandra12 May 14, 2018 / 10:03 am

    SQUEE! READ THEMMMM! πŸ™‚ I highly recommend binge-ing ACoTaR. Since it’s just a trilogy + a short novella it’s not too bad, and then you won’t forget what’s going on in between (I had to re-read… LOL) but… do what you do! πŸ™‚ I’m glad that you are enjoying Guernsey!! πŸ™‚ XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


    • Audrey May 14, 2018 / 3:02 pm

      Hmmm… maybe I’ll try to find a way to fit all three into Erin’s next challenge! Haha! Then I’ll have to finish them all within the same four month! Thanks for the tip!!
      I started Guernsey Friday night and finished it at 8pm on Sunday. I LOVED IT.


  17. Nadine May 15, 2018 / 12:50 pm

    One of Us is Lying is on my TBR, I cant wait to read it! I really liked Magnolia Story. I am going to miss Fixer Upper!


    • Audrey May 17, 2018 / 4:17 pm

      I think I’m going to breeze right through those two books which always makes me feel like a good reader πŸ™‚ Hahaha! I didn’t watch Fixer Upper religiously, but K did so I caught many many episodes. He’s sad it’s off the air now!


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