Happy Book Day! Also, it’s now May. WTF. We’re practically to Christmas.

Linking up with our fabulous hosts, Steph & Jana, for Show Us Your Books!

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The Wedding Game by Meghan Quinn | Romance | ★★★★★/5
The cover is terrible, but the inside is hilarious. I was crying-laughing more than once. Luna was flawed but lovely, Alec was v steamy, and all the side characters were fantastic- esp. Farrah, Declan, and Naomi. I laughed a lot, but the book had a lot of heart, too.
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The Midnight Library by Matt Haig | Magical Realism | ★★★/5
I am clearly in the minority, as I did not love the book. It was interesting, and I’ve never read a story like it, but it was predictable. And I felt like it had a naivety to it. I did not connect with it. I believe it’s a soft spot to land for those in the thick of depression, and that’s absolutely lovely.
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The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes | YA Mystery | ★★★★★/5
Inhaled. I literally inhaled this book. I couldn’t put it down. It was so enjoyable and I immediate put a hold on the second book in the trilogy once I’d finished this one. The brothers were so unique. Avery is a badass. Every chapter had me turning pages. My only complaint is that everyone is so young so I feel weird having literary crushes on them. LOL
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It was a pretty dang good month for books. What have you read lately?


9 thoughts on “What I Read…

  1. LOL we’re practically to christmas. seriously though.
    ahh i forgot about the wedding game lol i remember you shared it on ig and i was like yes will add, then promptly forgot. i appreciate the reminder.
    bummer about the midnight library. i definitely related to it a little too much and i think that’s why i loved it as much as i did.
    well after that review for the inheritance games, how can i NOT add it to my list?!


  2. Midnight absolutely had a naivete to it. I did not connect to it like others either but I definitely see why it is well loved.


  3. The Wedding Game sounds like something I’d really enjoy. I liked the Midnight Library only because it was like no other book I had ever read but I can’t say I Loved it or it was a Favorite.


  4. I will have to check out Wedding Game. I didn’t care for Midnight Library either. I never connected with it and decided to let it go and not finish it.


  5. Oh gosh I loved Midnight Library! I always get nervous though to read popular and well loved books – because it’s too much pressure to love it!
    And isn’t The Inheritance Games so fun!? I’m looking forward to the 3rd book. I get what you mean with the YA crushes, haha. I didn’t used to feel this old 😂


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