Hi & happy book day! This might just be a book blog now, lol.

Linking up with Steph & Jana today for Show Us Your Books! (Happy belated bday to Jana!)

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The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes | YA Mystery | ★★★★★/5
The second in The Inheritance Games series and another 5 star read. I think I loved book 1 more, but this one sucked me in all the same and kept me turning pages. I can’t say and won’t say much, because you need to start with book one. I’m excited for the third one’s release in September!
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The Stranger in the Lifeboat by Mitch Albom | Christian Fiction | ★★★/5
I don’t know why exactly this book didn’t click with me, but it didn’t… Maybe it was the neat little ending for some of the characters? Maybe it was how quickly the “come to Jesus” moment happened for some of them. (Pun intended, fyi.) It was fine, but I walked away knowing I could’ve not read it and still been unchanged.
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My Evil Mother by Margaret Atwood | short story | ★★★★/5
I think I am a fan of how Atwood writes… I’ve only read The Handmaid’s Tale, but this one was such a calming, gentle story of mother and daughter and mother. I think depending on your role in life, you read this differently. The evils we take on and concoct to protect and guide and raise our babies. And the burdens our moms carry to give us the life they think we deserve.
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The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers | Sci-fi? Fantasy? Weirdness | DNF
This was weird and I don’t regret walking away. It was a book club pick and everyone agreed it was an oddball.

Another Book Challenge starts in July. I’m planning to share my picks on Thursday.

What did you read this month?


17 thoughts on “What I Read…

  1. You’re so right – I bet where you are in life & relationship with your mother, you do read the Altwood book differently.
    I’m looking up the Inheritance Game series ASAP


    1. Lots of people were poo-pooing the second in the series as compared to the first. Yes, the first one was what sucked me in, but I loved the second one too! The third one comes out in Sept. Squeeeeal!


  2. I really want to read the Inheritance Games series! We read Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays With Morrie in high school English class. I also read The 5 People You Meet in Heaven. His books are not for me….. too sad.


    1. This one was sad in certain parts, for sure. I just didn’t feel affected by it like I think he wanted me to… Lol.
      For sure check out The Inheritance Games series! SO good!


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