Bring on the New Year – 2021 Recap

Let’s walk 2021 to the door and maybe lock it once they’re gone… It wasn’t the worst houseguest we’ve ever had- we didn’t kick them out- but I’d be content if they never came back. Ya know?

Honestly, this year was more difficult for me than the dreaded 2020. Events were held, but it was a risk to attend. I felt itchy and wanted to take M to explore… but things aren’t quite right yet. We had a pretty slow and quiet year. (2020 was wonderful with an infant/baby… so much alone time and bonding and no where to be. Social distancing with a toddler is… rough.) We tried to do a family vacation but our vehicle broke down. Then I had not one, but TWO canceled trips later in the year. Sigh. It wasn’t my year to travel. M was sick quite a bit, too, but none of us caught the big C19, so I’m grateful. (Hand foot and mouth wasn’t a walk in the park for any of us, though. SHEESH.)

Anyway… there were good moments, too. We added kitties to the (office) family. We added a car to the garage (& now we need a bigger garage). K and M both had necessary and beneficial surgeries. My two best friends got married (to other people, lol). And we went on some great camping trips. We are healthy and comfortable and all together. I can’t complain much.

I’m looking forward to 2022, though. I’m putting it out there in the universe. Lord, give us a good one 🖤

On to the photo collages…

New Year’s Day | M can walk! | 🖤 | K’s surgery | Bristol is 2 | A trip to FL to love on Aub | Snow Day | Valentine’s Day | Joining A&M’s wedding party!
A visit from Aub | Kayla’s bachelorette party | Kayla’s bridal shower | bed head | K’s bday | St. Patrick’s Day | camping at Bristol | dirt racing at Bristol | Easter
Mowing with Dad | new scooter | visiting Dad at work | 8th wedding anniversary | Fridays with Andria | sick baby | rehearsal dinner | Kayla’s getting married! | Kayla’s wedding
camping with friends | Memorial Day | Mid Ohio racing | welcome Mac & Cheese! | splash pad with F&C | Father’s Day | bike rides | 4th of July Indy Cars | ear tube surgery for M
farm visits | K behind the drums | Frankenmuth | Boyne Falls, MI | family | spa weekend with Aub | 🖤 | DCI in Indy | science center with friends
Labor Day | rehearsal dinner | Aub’s getting married! | Aubrey’s wedding | county fair | fall festival | my bday camping | pumpkin patch | new car!
gender reveal for Kayla | Halloween | PASIC in Indy | Christmas trees | Thanksgiving | Moo turns Two!| Kayla’s baby shower | Christmas | lounging before the new year

Looking back through my pictures to make this post is such a happy experience for me. Now that M is in the picture, it’s wild to see her growth over 12 months. But to be honest, K and I grow significantly every year, too.

What were your favorite moments of 2021?


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  1. I’ve heard hand, foot and mouth is rough. Hoping for a healthier year for you guys.

    2021 was not an easy year for me. It obviously culminated in the best thing ever but the journey was far from easy. I am definitely looking forward to our first year with baby girl ♡


    1. Audrey says:

      Oh man… I’ve had many different viruses, including the C one, and HFM was the WORST for me. Put K and I down for several days. (M was fine after a day and a half. Lol)
      I hope 2022 is wonderful & magical for you!! You deserve every moment of joy!


  2. She has grown so much this year!!


    1. Audrey says:

      She really has. It’s absolutely insane. From not walking to not stopping LOL


  3. Nadine says:

    Oh goodness. Zoe had HFM and we had no clue she had it, as she was suffering from a horrible cold around the same time. Anyways, we figured out she had had it because Chris got it. Poor, poor Chris. He was down for weeks. He lost all his toenails, he was in so much pain and shed a layer of skin everywhere like a snake. His doctors didn’t know what to do, they say it was rare for an adult to even get it. Anyways, M has grown so much over the last year! Best wishes for 2022.


    1. Audrey says:

      It. Was. Terrible. I think it’s the second-worst illness I’ve ever had in my adult life. (I had the flu sometime in 2020 or 2021- I don’t remember- and it was awful.) M bounced back in a day- fever broke after the second day & her sores never opened, they stayed small red dots. Kyle and I were exhausted. I had open sores in my mouth and on my hands. I’m so glad I didn’t lose my nails. We heard it was rare for adults to get it, too, but every adult I’ve talked to who has had it has said it’s the WORST thing ever- and I agree.

      Thank you! You too!


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